The Art of Transformation

Another World Production specialise in the creation of transformational spaces, either for private clients, as part of existing events or, in some cases, with the curation of whole events. We view the Art of Transformation as a key reason for our existence and love making space for it to occur within bespoke builds and installations.

By Transformation, we refer here to the possibility of meaningful beneficial change in the behaviour, outlook or understanding of a person or organisation. The corporate term for this might be Change Management! In order to induce this change in state, AWP uses a blend of techniques and technologies with a whole heap of creative magic thrown in. Its a subtle art with a little bit of Hogwarts to it…

AWP utilises technologies such as Audio-Visual equipment alongside traditional, natural elements such as fire and water to generate unique environments for people to play within. We also utilise site art as a means of generating an overall aesthetic. The careful placement of sculpture, lanterns, carved posts, flags, flowers and the like can help direct a subconscious journey for the participant. It is these interlocking elements, melded often with an appropriate soundtrack, that form the vessel within which magic can occur.

Branching Arts Decor

 Whilst aesthetic plays a key role in the creation of any space, the most important element is the atmosphere created within. Whilst the form of the vessel is important in this – and plays a key role in transforming what can be an ordinary venue into something quite extraordinary – it is what you place within that is the key.

AWP like to create spaces that are welcoming, open and safe, where participants can express themselves within, where an interactive journey can take place – be that for education, entertainment or inspiration – and where transformation can occur.

For an example of the subtle art of transformation, I refer often to an experience I had at a major UK festival. This festival had spent into six figures on art and lighting to make the whole site glow and to create intriguing nooks and crannies everywhere to explore and enjoy. Except it felt…soulless…plastic. The sense I had was of art for arts sake and with no real purpose or attention to a sense of place. In fact, the art often overwhelmed what was a naturally beautiful site and seemed at odds with it, rather than embracing it. I felt like I was in a Disneyland Festival rather than Alice in Wonderland, which I believe was more the effect sought.

The Art of Transformation is subtle. Its roots are in the rituals, ceremonies and celebrations of the ancient past; in techniques used by the priestesses, shamans and mystics to induce states of worship or divine revelation; in the stories and song spun at sea, or around the hearth or deep in the wildwoods; in the construction of stone circles, temples, churches and other sacred places, or of the grand Roman Colosseum or Greek Parthenon. Its relevance, though, remains to this day. From campaign messages to raise awareness of Climate Change through to the need to create a more sensitive, active and harmonious workplace; through to a desire for your friends and family to have a memorable experience to take home with them, transformation is an essential tenet of events of all kind.

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