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Do you have a spare field in England? An underused barn with potential for parties? A premises you think would make a wonderful green conference centre?? Then we can help you make that dream come true!

We offer a simple range of partnership packages to suit your needs as a venue owner. These packages are flexible and can be tailored further to your requirements, so are offered as a guideline only. 


Affiliate Service: No find, No fee

£300 Initial Payment + 10% finders fee ongoing

Our lowest cost service. Initial payment covers a brief desk-based feasibility study.

We include you on our database of available venues and produce a PDF to promote your venue. When we have events interested and potentially suitable for your space, we call you to check availability and then pass on your details to the event organiser.

When events book, you give us 10% of the fees.

Simple as.


Affiliate Plus Service

£350 per annum + 10%finders fee + travel expenses

For a small annual fee of just £250 we include you on our database of available venues and take an active role in promoting you with PDF and targetted mail outs. When we have events interested and have established suitability and availability, we will put them in touch with you. We will visit your site and conduct a survey to assess access, noise, infrastructure and other key matters and present you with a basic report. We provide you advice on fee levels and contracts with events, plus a simple guide to what to watch out for.

When events book, you give us 10% of the fees.


Agent Service

£750 per annum + 10% finders fee

For a fee of £750 per annum you get our Agent Service. For this, we offer you a full booking service meaning we deal with all enquiries and bookings for your site. We act as your intermediary with events, ensuring that you have experienced support on your side and will get the activity you wanted and expected, without any surprises. We do full a full site assessment and help you with setting fees, contracting and dealing with local authority and community enquiries and concerns, both of which can put an end to your fun if you’re not careful!

When events book, you give us 10% of the fees. We guarantee the pay-off will be worth it!


Co-Founder Package

This package is something very different. We’re aiming to create a small suite of venues that we work hand-in-hand with from the beginning, raising investment to develop infrastructure and accommodation options, partnering on bookings, building websites and social media presence and much more. Our first full partner site is now in development near Frome, Somerset.

With Another World Productions we will seek to have your venue busy throughout the season of April-September, and even into the Autumn and Winter months.


Other Services that are available

As well as event-finding, we offer a range of other services for events that may be of use. This includes:-

Website Development – For £1000-£1500, we can build you a beautiful venue website to better sell your services

Social Media – We can create and manage social media pages and profiles, growing your support and networks, sharing news and building up your brand. From £60 p/m upwards

Premises Licensing & Planning Permissions – Are you interested in stepping up what your venue offers?

Bespoke Event Production – Fancy creating your own event? You’ve rented out your space, now how about having a go yourself? We can work alongside you to create a unique festival, party, farm day or just about anything you could want.

Catering and Hospitality - Good food, drink, the lot...

Glamping and Accommodation – Would you like to diversify further? Do you offer accommodation at the venue? If not, we can work alongside you to add real value to your site and increase revenues substantially.

For any of these services and more, please get in touch and discuss.

Feel free to get in touch with us to talk through our packages and your venue with no commitment. Even if we don't work with you, we'd love to hear about what you're up to and always have event organisers on the look-out for new places to hold their events at.

Email or call Dan, on 07792 353864.

We're looking forward to hearing from you!

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