Our Services

We provide the following services to clients. All our services are bespoke to individual clients with pricing to match. We work with organisations, events and individuals on projects both big and small, DIY or corporate, private and public. Get in touch with us to enquire about any of the below services.


AWP offers event consultancy particularly covering the areas of Premises Licensing, Community Liaison, Event Operations and Logistics, Event Safety and Project Planning. We are affordable and guarantee that our services bring good value. We enjoy working with clients large and small and specialise in helping small first-time events find their feet. We also offer a consultancy service for landowners and prospective event venues, helping you explore viability, suitability and working with you to design bespoke events and activities programmes.

Creative Stakeholder Engagement

We love working with people. AWP can help you engage proactively with your stakeholders, be these local residents, local councils, contractors or other service providers. Events often underestimate the importance of working with those around them to ensure that the right messages are getting across and that those that need to feel like they’re being heard and understood! From large Conferences to Festivals, whenever a large event comes to town, AWP can help ease the way!

Project Design and Development

AWP can help you take your project idea and make it into a reality. We help with event planning, but also with community, social enterprise and land-based projects. We can work with clients to develop a 3-5 year masterplan for a new project and oversee the development of these plans. Over the years we have seen so many good ideas flounder due to lack of the correct support, advice and assistance when needed most. We want to see good things happen and love working with you to make sure that they do!

Event Management

AWP are event management specialists. We can offer services to events large and small, ranging from the running of Event Controls and provision of operational staffing, through to management of your entire project. We have great partners that we work with in nearly all areas of event production and can support you to ensure your event happens. Our team includes specialists in Premises Licensing and Event Management Plans; Event Operations; Creative Production; Site Logistics and Stakeholder Engagement. We have many years of experience in events large and small, ranging from corporate parties to street carnivals, dance festivals to large exhibitions. And unlike other event companies, we don’t cost the earth!

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Land & Facilities Management

AWP provide a land management service whereby we work with a land-holding client to generate, administer and manage a full spectrum of income-generating activities for your land. We have a vast contact database of outdoor event producers, private clients and partner networks to promote your prospective venue through. We understand that land can be a burden to manage unless in full productive use and that many land-owners do not know how to make the best of their land, especially those without a strong farming background. We will work with you to overcome these challenges and ensure you meet the right people and get the right businesses through your doors.

Venue-Finder Services

AWP can help prospective event producers to find a suitable venue for their event. We specialise in working with outdoor events – festivals, weddings, private parties, corporate weekenders, etc, to locate the ideal venue for your needs. Because we already have an extensive database of available venues and are always on the look-out for more, we can help you find the right one for you. For a small commission, we will hook you up with an interested landowner or, for a little more, work with you on contracting with a land-owner and liaising with the local authorities and stakeholder groups concerned.

Creative Spaces & Experiences

AWP specialises in creating transformational spaces and experiences. We work with clients to create unique programmes for them depending on need and desires. We can curate awesome corporate weekends, fantastic wedding experiences, magical ceremonial spaces and much else besides. We work with both temporary and permanent/semi-permanent installations in all kinds of landscapes and locations, combining multi-media arts with primal elements such as fire and water. We guarantee that those coming to take part in what we create will have one of the experiences of their life!

Private Events & Activities

Looking for a private festival experience? An extraordinary activity weekend? AWP works with individuals and organisations to produce their events. We can and have organised everything from weddings to corporate summer parties, outdoor cinema to group camping weekends. We are flexible and can work with clients to produce unique and exciting events for your customers, friends, family or colleagues.

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