Our Ethos

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world, it's the only thing that ever does

Professional Ethos

AWP is an award-winning company with a difference. Like the Hummingbird, we are small but capable of achieving great things. Like the Hummingbird, our events symbolise the enjoyment of life, play, fun and the essential lightness of being.

We operate with the highest ethical principles, integrating our beliefs into everything we do. We provide high-quality distinct services that differ from any other company and which we ensure are affordable and accessible.

Every year, hundreds of new events spring up across the country, many of which would benefit from the support and advice of a professional company but don’t know where or how to find this. Similarly, there are many hundreds of landholders who don’t know what to do with the asset they have but have a passion to do something! We believe that providing affordable services is essential and that professional support and advice should not be denied to those who need it most. From £500 per month upwards, you could be benefitting from AWPs support.


We live in an age of change, where access to the finite resources we have become used to is becoming more difficult and where our environment is stretched to breaking by our actions. AWP believe not in forcing change, but in being change. Our principles broadly reflect those of movements such as Transition (www.transitionnetwork.org), the Permaculture Association (www.permaculture.org.uk) and Bioregional (One Planet Living) and through the events we are involved in we wish to encourage community cohesion, resilience and an understanding of the importance of a sustainable ethos if we are to achieve our potential as a human race.


We recognise the crucial role that events can play in bringing together communities of all kinds. From the itinerant festival community to the multicultural dwellers of inner city Bristol, mass events create shared experiences that unite and can break down the challenges of division in favour of an appreciation of diversity. We believe that there is a lack of access to land for communities and that festivals and outdoor events help us reconnect to our natural heritage and to ourselves, enriching the lives of many. We believe that events are ultimately expressions of human need – our need for shared life experiences, communication, understanding and, most importantly, celebration!


We believe that another financial system is possible and that there are already many movements and organisations in place creating just this. We see ourselves as part of the ‘New Economy’, dedicated to creating a new economic system based on a balance of global-local needs and resilience. We value community and social enterprise above big business, recognising the crucial part these organisations are playing in the transformation of our society and system to something more than sustainable, something that can in the future thrive and value the wellbeing of each person within it.


The Hummingbird often features as a creature of playfulness and by following it we are lead to a life of colour, love and abundance. However, its totem is also often associated with its lesser known properties – resilience and determination, a small bird capable of amazing acts!

We believe that personal transformation is an essential tenet of human existence and that this can be achieved through providing the kind of experiences that open up the possibility of change. We believe the human potential is limitless and its our calling to create spaces for this to occur. Similarly, we believe that there is great potential in the world to do brilliant, magical things and make good things happen. We don’t see any reason, given this, to do anything else!


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