Off-Grid Festival Site in Portugal

Another World Productions are excited to have been asked to get involved with an established rural regeneration project in Portugal, Vale Das Lobas. AWP are helping facilitate the purchase of a beautiful site ideal for small off-grid festivals, camps, ceremonies and gatherings called Dolmens Farm. We will be looking to create a co-operative or land trust to hold the land on behalf of a group of event and activity organisers interested in being part of the project.

The Project

The Seminario

The Seminario

Vale Das Lobas (meaning Valley of the She-Wolves) is a remarkable rural regeneration and peace project in the heart of Portugal. VdL was set up in 2009 as a 100 hectare community venture that includes affordable eco-housing, permaculture and forest gardening, campsite, restaurant, biodiversity centre and organic chestnut farm.

The centerpiece of the community is the amazing Seminario, which is complemented by a historic chapel, and which is being transformed into a conference/retreat/medicine centre and spa hotel. The whole of VdL is situated on the site of ancient ruins with an incredible spiritual history. Various plots have been sold and are for sale, with planning permissions for eco-homes and other structures.


For more details on Vale Das Lobas, please visit their website:

The Site

The Ancient Dolmen

The Ancient Dolmen

Dolmen Farm is a 20+ acre situated at 800m altitude incorporating 4 hectares of fields and meadows and 4 hectares of forest, along with wells and springs. The farm, alongside it’s sister, Dolmen Cottage, which is also included in the purchase, acts as the gateway to the ancient ‘Dolmen De Cortico’, an important sacred site. The site has permission for an Off-Grid home, workshop space plus the right to rebuild the existing cottage and barn. Most excitingly, the Local Authority have agreed to permit the site to be used for camps, gatherings and small festivals, as well as other leisure purposes including a village of yurts, tipis, treehouses or other temporary structures.

Dolmen Farm forms a key part of the Vale Das Lobas project, with the closest neighbors including another micro-project, Shamans’ Retreat, run by the past owner of Pacha Mamas Chai Tipi, as seen at many of our events. The plan is for the farm to host a range of festivals, gatherings, camps and retreats across the year and to be shared collaboratively by either a co-operative system of ownership or a Land Trust model.

For details on Dolmen Farm, visit:

The Situation

We have now put down a 15000 Euro deposit on the land (£11,000), which will cost just 95000 Euros in total to purchase. Vale Das Lobas were in need of urgent funds and in danger of losing certain parts of the project if this was not achieved, however thanks to your support, this has now happened. Our purchase of Dolmen Farm will preserve both this wonderful pristine site, and the integrity of the project as a whole.

In order to raise the rest of the funds, we will be approaching our networks, social investors, other event organisers, etc, to come together and buy this land in full over the next months. We have some key investors on side already which is great news and means we can be extremely confident about the rest of the purchase happening in the agreed time.

Once we raise the required funds, we will be aiming to complete a full purchase of the property by Spring 2016 and begin planning a programme of events, activities and more, with you, our supporters.

More details of this exciting project will follow soon. In the meantime, if you’re interested in learning more, or even being a partner/co-owner of the farm, please get in touch:

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