Looking for a venue?

AWP has a great database of land and venues available for all sorts of events and activities:

  • Weddings
  • Corporate Weekends and Parties
  • Holistic Retreats and Ceremonies
  • Private Parties
  • Festivals
  • Fairs, Fetes and Community Events
  • Outdoor Education

Our collective experience of what makes a great outdoor event and which sites are suitable for what, makes the challenge of finding a new venue easier for you.

Some pointers to look for when considering the venue for your gig:

  • Capacity: How many can the site hold? Remember, you may have to think about the parking of cars and campervans as well as room for campers and the event itself.
  • Access: Getting in and out of the site, not to mention across it, is crucial to success. Poor road access with low visibility; unsuitable tracks or no tracks at all; proximity of local residents to main traffic routes and access to public transport are all key considerations.
  • Geography: Which area of the country do you want/need to look in? This is the big limiter. No point finding an awesome venue in East Anglia if your customers/family/friends/colleagues are all based in Plymouth!
  • Landscape: That may well be a beautiful site in an isolated valley, but thats an awful lot of marsh grass there on that site…and that woodland looks ideal in so many ways, as long as your main stage can fit in the small 8m wide clearing that you’ve been shown!
  • Local Residents: How close are the nearest neighbours? Can they see what you’re doing in that field down there? Do they care? Will they care when you turn that sound system on?
  • Facilities: Does the site have any pre-existing facilities such as toilets, showers or accommodation? This can be useful in cutting costs however its important that they are suitable and relevant to your event. Could you reduce hire of portakabins or get an additional source of income by charging for use of the better quality facilities?

AWP can help you with all these issues and more, both in looking at a site you have identified or else in finding a suitable one for you.


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